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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

What is the range on the totem's projectiles?
Medium range, about the same as a grenade. Range is extended (and damage increased) if placed on high ground to attack low ground targets. MIGHT benefit from huntsman's high ground bonus too.
if its the same as a grenade range we can expect a 10-15 meters range?
Poison totems will add undead allies to their targeting and the attack will heal them.
How come that I sometimes see "Level Up" (?) (in truth I see "Stufenaufstieg" since i am playinng the game on german)? Does it get stronger when I use it more often?
No. When a totem is summoned it levels up to your summoning level.
While the health on totems are low, it wastes enemy AP when they try to remove them. They are also capable of setting off CC's and explosions. This means they can turn a chilled to a freeze, shocked to stun, and burning opponent will explode from earth and poison attacks. Ideally, this is an AP dump ability, but usually a more reliable damage dealer than dimensional bolt.
Totems have some pretty solid AI. They can even recognize shackles of pain and will attack the allied caster of the spell to damage the shackled enemy if they are out of range.
My poison one just attacked fane to save him :)
All totems have the same health except Blood, which has ~20% more max hp.
All totems do the same damage except Oil, which does ~10% more damage. (Wood and Blood do the same damage but blood will add a bleed if target has no armour)
"Elemental Totem(s) may receive high ground damage benefits."
Does that mean the totem reveives a bonus when the caster initially creates it from high ground or does it mean the totem reveives the bonus when shooting from above like characters do?
i guess the totem receive the high ground DMG bonus when the totem shoot his target from above like every normal character
are the totens now affected by the intelligent?
Poison Totem can shoot ally undead for quick heal