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By Anonymous
Is there really no way yo fight her again before lvl 30?
By Anonymous
Is she really the last boss? I beat her the first day.
Really I see Jinn Mesca as more of the last boss. He spawns now that you beat Risryn, in one of the 6 marked one locations.
By Anonymous
Don't be over confident! While she is predictable she does a considerable amount of damage if you make a mistake, and can close gaps fairly quickly. The strategy that worked the best for my battle with her was to simply give her no room to breathe, repeatedly assaulting her with combos without giving her a chance to recover.
By Anonymous
In the cutscene before her fight, she throws a golden mask at you. Is there any way to get it? It looks nice.
By Anonymous
i wondered that and was sad to find out, no.
though revario's mask is close in likeness.
By Anonymous
The ai literally went brain dead midway through the fight so I butchered her with her own sword
By Anonymous
This damn wench made me work for that mask. WORTH. IT.