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Hi. You guys should know about the MEA Modding Discord already, but there is a new server for those who want a wider range of discussion and sharing cool stuff with other fans. 
This forum is great, but the benefits of this Discord are: potential real-time discussion, sections for companions and popular NPCs (e.g. Keri and Reyes), and links to resources for modding or troubleshooting the game.
It also provides some basic support for troubleshooting the Frosty tool suite and mods. More advanced queries should go toward the MEA Modding server.



Here is a blurb from the server founder as a bit of an introduction/description for anyone curious:

Ever since Mass Effect: Andromeda was announced, some community members felt the need to already despise it. This hate was reinforced even more when the game was launched. And it has now reached is peak, after EA and BioWare announced that they were no longer developing additional Single Player content for Mass Effect: Andromeda.

In suma, it became "cool" to hate Andromeda. And if you didn't, you were judged and mocked.

"The Road Ahead" was created with the sole purpose to gather all fans of Mass Effect: Andromeda. We want to provide a place for the fans who accepted the game, flaws and all, share their ideas and passions and, at the same time, provide a safe-haven to said fans.

In essence: fans know there are strong and weak points to this game and its production, but are still able to enjoy the game and the Mass Effect universe despite vocal pockets of the community tearing down both the game and anyone who remotely liked it. From critical yet civil discussion, to alien cultural analysis, to super fangirling over Drack's super villain bone armor. That's what a community is for.

The server is a bit empty now, but we encourage you to at least take a look. :)
Suggestions for server improvement are always encouraged.

Updated 9.03.17: Google Doc with links to neat Inquisition mods: here
MEA General Discord: here
MEA Modding Discord: here