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I am really looking forward to being able to play as Aloy fromHZD.
can't you just play HZD though?
any1 read terms and conditions?
apparently if you're a resident of canada u hav to answer a math question rip

14 hours left, tomorrows the day y'all ! If the winner of the ps4 and game could leave his address when he wins,I would like to "pay him a visit" and "take a look at his prize"
If ya gonna go to those lengths, why not just "pay a store a visit." I'm sure there's one closer, than whoever's gonna win this.
good luck to everyone ;)
Good luck fellow hunters
I know I'm going to lose but hell, no use in not trying.
The final countdown to the eleventh hour
I'm 100% sure I will fail, but there is no reason not to try!
Gl everyone