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I was robbed and I have no money, ha... So this will be the only way I can get one again. Hope I can at least win.
My first PS4 was hit by lightning, my 2nd PS4 has been taken by my ex gf :l


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Been stuck playing PSP MH titles for years because i'm too broke to buy a 3ds and still get groceries for a month
Good luck everyone
I hope someone poor that doesn't have a ps4 wins!!
Like me ;(
if i win i will give you my old one :)


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Awww how can kind of you
I just wanna mash some monster heads with other people
Good luck to everyone. May the winner be thinking of us all when they open their box of wonders
cant belive only 8 days left for this giveaway,everyone is hoping to win,this has been an exciting period for me,hope i can win the playsation 4 my self or at least a copy of the game to give to my sis who actually has a ps4 and loves the monster hunter series


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Love all the sob stories here like it'll help. Good luck all.
Personally, I'll be sharing the PS4 with my wife who wants to use this chance to get into the series with me.
exactly. They're practically begging at this point.
i made a joke about it down there somewhere and got downvoted to hell :v


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Just entered this competition, I've never played monster hunter world but It's getting amazing reviews so fingers crossed! Good luck everyone.
Looks Awesome