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I'm starting to worry that there wont be an AT BV Vaal, Ruiner or SJ. Iceborne wont be complete without them.



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Also get the impression that they said farewell and the Jovovich bandwaggon movie nb 20 event was the last thing they pushed out left a pretty nasty aftertaste to be honest. "GO WATCH MOVIE!". Yeah well fu2. -_- Depends imo. If there is no new new year/Christmas event out its officialy put to rest I guess.
for anyone who didn't know world and iceborne updates are officially done in march rise is coming out. world is pretty much old news but it had a good run after march this wiki is going to be pretty irrelevant soon enough monster hunter world will just be a memory and a dusty old game disc too
I do not have Iceborne yet I ave played it on someone elses console but that doesn't change anything. Besides five dislikes says everyone totally agrees with you.
Monster Hunter games die when they turn off the online mode. As long as they leave the servers up and running the game will still go strong.

On the contrary, especially on PC it's going to be starting now, since now modding is going to really start off, now that they don't have to worry about every update breaking their mod anymore.
I feel like not a lot of people use Insect Glaives, but for various reasons everyone uses bows or switch axes. I use Insect Glaives because they are fast and also kinsects can help me to extract from monsters but the vaulting is the best part because I can easily mount monsters. But I still use a bow because the defender glaive and defender powerbow are strong if you know how to use them and when you kill anjanath you can upgrade them, but op is oK.
All of the Defender equip is overpowered, not just Insect Glaive and Bow, because it's ment to let you skip the basegame so you can get to Iceborne quickly. If you are new i would strongly recommend not using the Defender Items because they make it way too easy, so once you hit Iceborn you won't have the skill you should have build over time playing the game.
Aywah thanks
I somehow just got a ton of nova crystals, and well, I am just saving them up.
someone from a post on kelbi said that as of iceborne you can ride herbivores.

I don't want to be literal, but that would also include diablos.
Which would be pretty cool if you could.
I've seen diablos make vegetables out of players, then subsequently ate them. Sounds legit. There will be a future Monster Hunter where you get to joust on Diablos-back. I want this.
Hmm... you can but it all depends on two things.
1) Diablos is in Rise
2) You own a Switch and Rise
Then you could also ride Banbaro because he’s herbivorous as well so is Barroth, Zorah Magdoros, and Kulve Taroth,
Banbaro needs more turf wars if he's an invader.
True but also cooler turf wars because its a giant beaver-ram-chimera there has gotta be a cooler turf war too.
Yea if banbaro goes everywhere what's the point he literally goes in other monsters territory
I wanna know:

I saw a beautiful turf war I wish I recorded:
Savage Deviljho vs. Black Diablos vs. Brute Tigrex

Description: Savage Deviljho charged Black Diablos. Black Diablos made a hip check to dodge it but accidentally hit a brute tigrex. Savage deviljho is flailing its fat head attempting to bite black diablos. Brute tigrex tries to make a jump on black diablos but instead hits savage deviljho. Black diablos is circling the savage deviljho, who is smacking the brute tigrex into the ground. It makes a huge charge into the savage deviljho's belly and knocks it head over heels. Savage deviljho now spraying dragon energy like a madman, gets up and makes an ear splitting roar. Black diablos is roaring back, but gets interrupted by the brute tigrex, and flips the brute tigrex at the charging savage deviljho, and both the brute tigrex AND savage deviljho lose the turf war.

Not making this up.
And that tells you not to mess with a black diablos.
Do you think the geralt gear is better or master rank gear?
I meant to say grand appreciation festival I wasn't thinking