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Can any one tell me the materials list for the chaos shatterer uragaan mod I need one more material but i cant find what it is for the life of me
I cannot agree more
Finally the legend has come true, a person that finally speaks their mind, and with such truth as well!! I will follow your ways and speak my mind like you.
A chest would be really nice where all my characters have access too and can exchange items, gems and zenny with one another.
Great idea but... imagine how much less fun it would be if you just breeze through the entire base game with, like, safi weapons though. I do think that the zenny WOULD be fairly useful if you are in a pinch.
This game is by far one of my favourites, it’s at the top with Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas and A.O.T. 2
alatreon is here. pls update website