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Bring back yian kut ku pls!
And yian garuga while you're at it, and also nargacuga, and zinogre, and tigrex, and ... and ... oh right barioth, and ... yeah you get my point. But let's face it, it won't happen most likely.
True. I do hope they bring back some of the classics, though. Not an elder this time.
I cant make any weapons for anything after nergigante can make armor but finished the game any help would be great



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Weapons are crafted or upgraded. You most likely have to go to the "upgrade" menu instead of the "Craft" menu to get going.
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I have the feeling they've only implemented the "after credits" double purple Bazelgeuse quests (among some others) to force me to coop. I mean I like the game and I could probably beat that mission too with more farming and a decent strategy but it's so obvious you know. Give me fair single player missions and make multi optional. Instead of forcing multiplayer missions on people who just want to have a good time...alone!
I soloed it. It is completly possible to do. I used the lance with Guard 5 and Guard Up from Uragaan 3 pieces. Take your time and you can make it!
lmao just get yourself a bow/LBG/HBG and git gud.
Those bazel can injure each other severely. A bazels own bomb can't hurt it, but another ones will. Try to be defensive when both are together. one of the, nested 9 min into the quest cuz it kept eating bombs.


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Thank you for making this, this explained the game for me so much!
They need to make more subspecies, bring back some.... I'd personally love to see Jade Barroth in the Coral Highlands. Also had an idea for a midnight Tzitzi. He only appears at night, is really dark, and his flash does 2 quick warning flashes, than a big one, but it's used as a flashlight. It uses it at any time.
Thank you for making this site! Helps me a lot as a newcomer to monster hunter!
Fextralife can you not just go away? * and kirinico always have much better wiki's without the ugly color scheme, empty pages and speculation/lies on them. At least change the layout to not be so damaging on the eyes man
It's a good game. You wil have a good time no doubt about it. But it's just not my taste. Similar to a mmorpg you start slow, by killing one monster after another but then they become more specialized and you have to get special armor and weapons for each element to have a chance. Farming from this point on is the main thing you do. (I had to kill Legiana ~40 times to get one single jewel) And it gets even better when the Zora finaly leaves the island. You basical start from zero again. And if you have managed that you have to farm gems to put into your armor. In order to do that you kill "hardened" purple monsters and then get random gems. The grinding just never ends. For many this is a good thing. But I farmed my legendary already in a online game. 6month long 10h a day. I don't need more of that. Monsters or not. For everyone else, good hunting. May the loot be with you.
weakness disgusts me
Just use the elder melder. Also, your just getting unlucky I wouldn't post this to other people as 99% of the time, you don't have to farm NEARLY as much as you did.
another victim of the hype maybe
i left my wife to play this game
On me the Searchbar is non funtionlal. After pressing enter it schows me an empty page...