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Why am I constantly getting ganked between two monsters tf am I supposed to farm
That happened to me as well when I went through High Rank for the first time back on PS4. What I started doing after a while was to back off a little so the two monsters would get into a fight. Works pretty nicely for certain monster combinations (the two Diablos are pretty much set to fight, but there's others as well)

Another (way funnier) method is to stop fighting and positioning yourself in ways so that monsters attack each other by accident. This will deal less damage to them than territorial battles, but you can actually use certain monsters as shields using this method. And monsters like Bazel deal tons of damage either way.
Dung pods
Glavenus uses for tail:
1. A nice fillet
2. A cooking pan
3. Butter cutter
4. A plug to an outlet.
5. Flaming backscratcher
6. Knife kebob.

put the number in the chat for the one you liked.
4 kinda makes sense
3. but they all make enough sense
tem um evento bom para iniciante que e pra lutar contra 12 kestodontes e na arena então sem anjanath
oh. (He said that there is a good event with 12 kestodons without any anjanath bothering you.)
Up at the crack of dawn is probs the quest and he or she is correct, it is a arena quest so there is no anjanath to bother you. It is low rank.
What's your favourite monster? my fave might be ruiner nergigante but i've only just unlocked TGL but haven't fought all monsters
Kushala Daora's design is amazing
I like the Great Girros design.
oh, how i loooooooove fatalis. he's my absolute FAVORITE. he's just so freaking hard to beat. in fact why don't i go to fatalis's page and be-

The computer's user has appeared to have damaged the computer's integrity. The computer is now in a million pieces.
could you become a falconer with a rathalos or rathian? like a rathaloner?
cause dat would be amazing.
so why are some weapons left handed for no real reason(IGs, lances and charge blade).
It says there is a arch-tempered safi-jiva and to the extent of my knowledge there isn't and the idea was scrapped.
It's weird. If I reuse a single jewel in two sets I get a warning that it is already used. Okay. But whenever I load one of them the jewels are still all there. Even the unique jewel is displayed in both sets. BUT not always. And that's what I don't understand. I started to detect "holes" in my sets. Jewels are vanishing, jewels I use in multiple sets. So why does it work ALMOST always? And not always? What's the criterium here? What jewel is "virtual" and what jewel cannot be devided between sets?
Not a glitch. Each gem can be used in one piece of gear. If you don't have enough gems of the type you are trying to use, the game will prompt you to take one from something that you already have socketed somewhere else.

It's an organizational thing. The best way to take stock of your gear is to remove all of the gems from all gear (there is an in-game function for this) and use gear set saves. Those saves will ensure that whatever you are trying to use will match the state that your gear was in when you saved it, so long as you don't sell your gems under the amount needed.
Why Do Elder Dragons Have To Be So Hard
Solo vs multiplayer which one you play the most and why?