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By Fallenangel700
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Excellent! Now to sit here and vibrate with excitement for the next six months.
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By Fallenangel700
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From what I've heard, the TGS demo is the same Anjanath hunt we've been seeing since day one. While I could watch that a dozen times, I dunno what else there is to see.

Questions for an interview? Hm... Will there be a new weapon? How many areas? Is it the standard 5 area types, or is it mixed up? (Standard being the forest, desert, swamp/jungle, snow, volcano)

Yeah, I'll start going over it and add what I can.
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By Fallenangel700
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Ahhh, why can't we edit comments on wiki pages...
I forgot add a question to for the interview. What will the ranks be? Low, high and G or just low and high?
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By Fexelea
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New Buttons added to the homepage! Also thanks to Fallenangel and Delex there's a lot of good info in! :D
By Anonymous
Monster hunter world wiki all right looking forward to builds!!! Always use fextra for dark souls builds !!!
By Anonymous
I can't enter the giveaway. I put my name and email but then a list of stuff like twitter facebook shows up, and once i click any of them, nothing happens. So i can't proceed with the giveaway inscription.
By rikuzero1
Try a simpler one like "Check out the Weapons Page" to see if earning entries works at all. After opening up the weapons page through the link, you may have to return to where the link was and hit Continue. You'll even get an email confirming you got an entry.
By Anonymous
I'll be getting this on PC anyway, but this would be an amazing gift for my brother, he's almost as big a fan as I am!
By Anonymous
Just,Testing My Lucky Skill =))
By Anonymous
Please let me know if I do not have an account at the site, can I join the Ps4 Give Away program?
ps: I only have Gmail and Facebook accounts.
By Anonymous
Hahaha, Lucky skill is not enough to win then, See you again.
By chisa_chan
This site looks great! I can't wait to use this alongside the game too!
By FreshSpartan118
The sign upapers doesn't work for me. I enter my name that I want to appear and it says to link my twitch and I do then after that it just says the same thing over and that's to link my twitch and it repeats with no tickets added
By FreshSpartan118
Yeah it seems I have to use another one. Thanks for the help and for the raffle. I never played monster hunter till the beta and I was completely blown away.
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