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By Anonymous
This + Drangelic Set = Fashion
By Anonymous
best helm I could find for an artorias build
By Anonymous
raime helm is better imo but has no plume
By Anonymous
This + Elite knight set = FASHION
By Anonymous
One of the dumbest changes they made in SOTFS. 6 Ascetics burned and he keeps jumping down. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to put this unique drop on a single unique non-respawnable enemy on a narrow ledge that he can easily fall off of that can only spawn again when you use a rare resource?
By Anonymous
Lol? Every time i do this he never did. And I did this A LOT. Get good probably? Or stop going on the edge with your shield?
By Divine_Knight
Just reload. The loot will be there. Ascetics wasted because of your immense stupididmsms
By Anonymous
can I tell you about paladin leeroy
By Anonymous
If the knight takes a dive and you can't get the drop, don't panic. Just quit to menu, and reload. Drop should be at his spawn location.
This works for most cases of loot in unreachable locations.
By Anonymous
Knight Dropped only Heide knight leggings in SOTFS
By Anonymous
I'm going to Alice
By Anonymous
Why does the SOTFS items drops are charged for to me seem like a stupid thing to do
By Anonymous
This thing is so stupid. If the knight falls, you CANNOT get the mask until next playthrough.
By Anonymous
Not a guaranteed drop it seems, at least not with Bonfire Ascetic NG