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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

I only have Explorer and Classic difficulties showing in Options!
Because as stated above, you only have the choice of the two harder modes before starting the game. You cannot change to Tactician or Honor mode during the game, nor can you change from one of those modes to a different mode. Explorer and Classic modes can be switched between, but that's about it.
U r ***** and you can only acces ***** difficulties.
Playing the game for the first time just now and had to google it because "game mode" does not equate to difficulty, I thought I was selecting what game mode / GUI mode I wanted to select.

No explanation in game makes it difficult to understand what you're selecting.
makes no sense at all
But it does explain them in-game: "If you prefer story and exploration over being challenged in combat, this is the difficulty for you." It says for Explorer Mode.
You get the description if you click :facepalm:
I don't know about honor mode... sounds kind of jacked up lol.. going to give tact duo a try for my second play through. Classic with 4 wasn't bad until the last fight. That and making a Strat to kill loshe's demon before it **** my crew
Could have just killed loshe xD
I wish there was a difficulty where you could be straightforward with your route. Take one path out of fort joy, one path out of the hollow marshes, and not necessarily be required to explore, because rp wise I don't think all the exploration is required
I used teleport gloves to port my team past the shriekers. I missed a huge chunk of the story xD
Same with Fort Joy
what about the Story mode difficulty?
Its actually easier than explorer. its just for story combat is almost not a factor.
For people confused by coming from google. These are for Divinity 1
https:// divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Difficulty+Modes
Thanks good soul, you saved the day
Ahaha, thank you for this; I'm going to play DOS2 for the first time, and I was confused until I saw your comment. :)