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Anyone know if you lose equipment rewards from schools if you leave them? I know you lose the 'school abilities' like Heal and Shockwave etc (blue ones) but what about weapons?
I had a pair of Ice Grinder War Gloves from the Forsaken school I was a member of, then lost them when I joined a Kahlt Method school. It was a little disappointing to lose them, but I can deal with it. Once I've learned the Kahlt Style, I'll be looking for a Windfall School with the Empire's Hook Gloves and sticking with it till they finally drop from the Combat Trials.
I want to know the same regarding style abilities (windfall's dodge, parry, drunken dodges, or absorb)
So what do schools actually do? I know you get a move set, but do you get xp in those moves whenever you use them? Just looking for a layout of how it works, with specifics.
how do i join a school through school id?
in the oratian district there´s a npc, just find it
At what lvl do different things unlock, like the school mask?


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he guys my school is open now for people that want to learn school ID #T5T my name in the game is firealex
I'm pretty proud of my school, so if you want something to try out, it's ID is #GQ21