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Note that eating food counts as regular healing and will damage you
No, food doesn't damage undead.
eating food will damage you but put some poison in your food will convert the heal into poison damage which will heal you
You can eat body parts as food.


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if you are an elf
No undead can eat the body parts to heal in the same manner regular people can eat normal food. Elves just get the added bonus of the dead's memories.
Overload anybody
undead are good summoners with the play dead skill. you can summon incarnate and update him(it?) then just play dead to avoid enemy fire or do it id you have a feeling you may die before your next turn. they also may be a good support too by aiding others, play dead when enemy focused their fire on you and break the status if you think your companions needs immediate aid. if you are injured(, not on fire and not decaying) you may play dead on a poison puddle to heal yourself while playing dead. undead are also good wizards if you take elemental affinity and stay on a poison puddle so you get the 1 ap reduce without any negative effects. when your geomancy spells are all in cd you may light it up and continue the assault with pyromancy.
Does the effect 'bless' damage undead?
No. As it neither harms or heals it's target, undead players can be safely blessed. However, blessed clouds/surfaces that heal will still hurt.
Are there any suggestions for good characters based on undead classes?
builds or what?
Every undead character can get Drunk. Except Fane. Eternal race can't get drunk confirmed
Poison food is useless for undead. It will heal for a small amount but that's about it. No buffs can be received. They can only get Drunk from alcohol and Smelly from garlic(food side effects)
Fane cant bleed but other undead can.
If your undead uses geomancy for healing purposes, consider have the talent "demon" on your undead as the poison they stand on can lite on fire. (As Fane is prestated as a wizard, he already goes for the geomancy/pyrotechnics needed for this playstyle.) If you reach the 100% mark on fire resistance the undead will heal from both poison and fire making him quite resistant on the battlefield.
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