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How many Bone jokes can we expect?


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Well - I'm gonna do a lot ... they should really add a trom-BONE as an instrument!
A skele-ton
I have a weirdest boner right now
I hoped I could taunt enemies by saying "I have a bone to pick with you".

How do you assume identities?
You have to have a mask of the Shapeshifter. You get one close to one of the locations you can escape from windego.
Ainz Ooal Gown / Momonga kkkkkk
Sasuga Ainz-sama!
undead elves don't seem to get corpse eater...?
They most certainly do, even though it is not listed they get it.
undead elves do get corpse eater, they lose loremaster bonus (no big deal). heal by poison is really helpful
Loremaster is Big Deal.Whole act 1 can identify items without spending points in Loremaster.
+ Later with Necklace bonus you have total +2 .3 in Loremaster total 5 for the Last acts , the rest wherever you wish.
Loremaster is mostly a waste when nearly every vendor can identify items for pretty cheap.
Loremaster isn't only about identifying. It's about nowing the weaknesses and resistances of your opponents
so good to say "f*ck you" to deathfog areas
does eating food makes you bleed too? like bread, milk, etc
Since acid is a essentially a more advanced poison can you get healed by that too?
No, acid is a separate status effect that damages them. Cursed poison is generally still safe to pass through because the poison itself will offset the acid. Mostly.