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To see this ring get put to outstanding use in a playthrough, check out a Dark Souls Speedrun video on youtube by Treynquil. The video I watched is 28:56 seconds total. Guy is such a boss, and his use of this ring is nothing less than methodical incredible
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No he sucks
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I prefer wearing this in combination with the Ring of the Sun's Firstborn and the Crown of Dusk with light armor when invading in areas of high-PvP activity. Gives you a brief moment to cast WotG on spawn campers and wipe them all out in one or two casts. Might also lead to your immediate death, but it at least provides a 50/50 chance that you'll at least kill the target.
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Does this ring work with a bow build? Asking for a friend
By Anonymous
I don’t see any reason for it to not.
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It does indeed work with a bow
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Yes, also magic
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You Triggered My Trap Card!
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*activates solemn warning*
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Literally the meaning of "glass cannon".
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Hey quick note, the Clever Rat's Ring actually outputs the same damage boost as RTSR, and even gives the boost at a higher health threshold (30% compared to RTSR's 20%).

I don't know how to edit pages on this wiki, so I'm hoping that someone else edits that detail in the reference to the Clever Rat's Ring.
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That's an item from Demon Souls, brother
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Okay so like... how does your character wear this ring? Like, how does it physically go around your finger? This has been bugging me ever since I first found this thing.
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I imagine the band is behind the picture. And what you see is just the jewel
By Anonymous
Sure, but which way does the band face?
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By SlaveKnightKos
Personally I feel that this whole ring is upside down, I mean, it says its a TEARstone, so shouldn't it be oriented to support this, just me and my opinion.
By Anonymous
Tearstone is the type of gem in the ring, not the cut.
By Anonymous
If you were to put the ring on and drop your arms to the side or close your fist, it will orient into a rightful tear
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strange thing i noticed, i havnt checked with weapons, but with your hand a backstab with RTSR goes from 5 to 12, and parry goes from 8 to 21. i have no clue why this is but i thought id mention it.
By pelida77
What do you mean exactly by 5 to 12. There isn't a value in-game that is called Backstab or Parry, what do you mean, the damage output? yes you do more damage - in general - and in criticals with the RTSR, even if you are damaging just with your bare hand
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