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By Anonymous
I was super apprehensive about this ring until I fought an enemy that could one shot me and decided **** it, I'm gonna die anyway, let's give it a go. Was not disappointed. This bad boy is high risk, high reward and fun as hell
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By MagnusVesper
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If you're cursed, does it activate at 20% of your cursed max health or non-cursed max health?
By Anonymous
20% of your new health bar, so 20% of half health.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This ring is like cocaine. At first I was apprehensive about using it; I didn't want to be on such low HP at any point in this game. But now that I've started using it, I just can't stop. It's so, so powerful. If you're confident in your abilities playing this game, I highly recommend trying out the Red Tearstone Ring.
By Anonymous
Good ol’ times when this ring was actually useful
By Anonymous
It still is tho
By Anonymous
I noticed that I dealt 2x the damage with rtsr with the blacksmith’s giant hammer on SL1 instead of 1.5x
By Anonymous
I guess this is due to damage reduction mechanucs of the game. E.g. your weapon does 100dmg, enemy absorbs 50dmg point and receives 50dmg. Then you equip the rtsr and your raw damage becomes 100 *1,5=150. Enemy still absorbs only 50dmg points, resulting in real damage of 100points. Thus real damage is twice higher, whole raw dmg is 50% higher. This is only an assumption, I do not know all ins and outs of damage calculations of the game.