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fat roll?
Tarkus doesn't roll. Tarkus is a man.
With your current build, Equip Load is >100%. While your comment "Tarkus doesn't roll. Tarkus is a man." is all well in good, you need to be <100% to at least swing your weapon. Otherwise you'll never even hit anything (unless you have some strategy to get around this?).

1. Supplement Havels+3 instead of Estus ring (gets you to 88% equip load)
2. Start as Warrior, pump Vit: 44, Str: 32, Dex: 10, all other stats at base, leaves you at SL 57. Leaves you with Vig: 14 (vs starting as Knight, which also yields SL 57 with Vig: 12).

Really for Tarkus to even be viable, hes an SL100-120 build because of the Vit investment. Earliest you could manage would be SL 70-75 (Vig/End: 20 for survivability). Hes very tanky and awesome in PvE. I run an SL120. He is a pure meat shield against all bosses when summoned & can 1v1 all bosses/enemies very easily. His biggest weaknesses are his speed, so Dancer, Mider & a few other situations can be very tricky. Recommend that your Vit > 45 so you can equip off-hand gear (I run at Vit: 48 so I can equip a Blessed Caestus & Bow. I can also switch to a Light Xbow).
Also, I would swap out Geeatsword for the Black Knight Greatsword for dmg, BKG beats Greatsword so why not use the stronger of the 2?