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Chain lightning *****s everything up with a crit and it's only 1 source point.
The auras would be useful if they were a permanent effect like on some of the special enemies. Obviously evasion would be the exception because it would be too cheesy.
Kids love to pretend Aero is still the best, simply because it started out blatantly overpowered. News Flash: check the patch notes. Pyro and Geo does more damage than Aero + Hydro, doesn't get punished by Perseverance or Indomitable, and still has huge defensive options with Geo for physical armor regen + (Living Armor + Pyro's massive damage) Pyro for magic armor regen. Yes, Aero and Hydro do still work -- and work well. But to pretend that Geo and Pyro are playing second fiddle is ass-backwards. Pyro and Geo are kings, Aero and Hydro are princes.
who hurt you?
It's astonishing how defensive people can get without ever having been attacked :/
You can handle fights not normally possible with proper CC from Aero/Hydro, can't do that With Geo/Pyro if you don't do enough damage to kill them the first time around, moreso when you play at higher difficulties.
Aero and Hydro have always been support based skills because of the disables. They were never meant for raw dmg. But if you plan around it you can do insane dmg even on Honor. I mean, all you should care about is stripping the enemies armor in one turn then casting rain skill/scroll for stunning, if you can't even do that then you need better gear at current lvl ( Start stacking up that int and scoundrel ). They are not like a mine pyro which are meant for one shotting enemies in a single turn.
Not getting why so many people say this skill set is boring... what could possibly be boring about going Palapatine on your enemies? Perfect skill set for those that want to role play as an evil character ready to stab his “friends” in the back to achieve godhood.
Because all attacks look similar, it's 5x better than pyro but 10x less visually appealing
i am a total noob but is this page up to date? i am creating a character right now and even though she has 2 points in aero, i can only choose out of 4 skills, 2 of which are pretty similar.
In the character creation you'll always get to choose 4 skills from one of the main skills. If you have 1 point in 2 different main skills, you can choose from 8 (example: 1 point in Warfare = 4 beginner skills from Warfare, another 1 point in Finesse = 4 beginner skills from that). You can only choose 3 in total. You can use attribute points in Memory to increase the amount of skills you can use. Skills are learned via skillbooks from different traders, or by crafting or combining certain skillbooks.
Make these tables sortable or stop being the first result on Google. Every single Fextralife wiki is horribly formatted or doesn't have complete information. Stop wasting my time.
go ***** yourself
With Aero, I lack more air magic and a little more variety in the magic. Aero felt kind of boring and didn't look too good. I would have liked more synergies with fire. So a burning place, which you can then chase with a wind spell as a flame wave a few meters over the map and the enemies. Or use a whirlwind to make a burning area a pillar of fire for a few rounds, which slowly moves across the battlefield and causes severe fire damage. Something like that. Aero was too unpleasant for me .. but I am not the flash type either.