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Why the noticeable lack wind magic compared to lightning? Seems like big missed opportunity...

Wind wall : more range on projectiles passing through it one way, shortens or blocks projectiles going the other way.
A Skill to disperse fields / gases like in DOA 1.
Tornado Punch to knock people back.

10 skills "deal x air dmg and set shocked" its so boring...
I personally don't use the damage skills, this tree i use for my utility as a rouge such as uncanny evasion and nether swap.
means STUN. Also mean we move, they don't
sadly, the most boring school of magic in the game
Clearly you've never used superconductor on high ground before.
"IMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR" the skill tree.
High damage+cc on most spells, best 1sp damaging spell in the game (chain lightning) a variety of utility spells to reposition your team, remove surfaces etc and spells that help you steal/pickpocket out of combat Yea man, so boring :')
I wonder why there is no Electric Ray either, considering one of the Eternal Guardians (blue golems) uses it on Arx if you take the sword in the stone.
You are missing the Electric Infusion and Cursed Electric Infusion on this list.
Those are considered summoning I think, at least they are under summoning in this wiki
Missing Invisibility on this list also
It's just invisible.
invisibility is not an air spell in this one



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What do you mean I just crit everything around me for 10k and everything that's still standing is slowly choking and losing magic armor? PSSSSSSSSSH. One of if not my favorite spell line for damage and utility, I've always gone for air magic when using spells if I could and this game does not let me down when it comes to doing the skills right.
man aerotheurge got some of the best skill in the game but it also have the worse skill in the game . i do wish it got more attack spell
I'm not gonna act like it's the best just because stunning and teleporting is so strong. Because it's not. This skill set cannot succeed without the help of another tree. Using lightning as a primary means of attack? NOPE! Too few, options. It's best for close range and even then it's not safe. While it's supportive and defensive abilities are to die for, it's attacking options have a disparity in usefulness. It's either so good you'd be stupid not to use it, or so much of a bad idea, why did you even bother. There is NO in between.
Are you joking?
Youre completely wrong, my aerotheurge character almost ends the fights on his own most of the time. It doesnt matter if you have few attacks if they can finish your opponent on their own with proper placement. Im also playing tactical so u can't use the difficulty excuse
What a clown. My crit lohse is one of the most damaging chars. You * forget that some enemies are also immune or resistant to fire and earth combo. Not to mention undead are healed by poison. If anything the hydro tree is the weakest of the bunch and even then you could do enough dmg if you heavily invested in it, i only use it for global cooling and rain freeze effect after i bring the magic armor down with lightning crits if the enemies are immune to stun or after ir un out of lightning spells and ap. Healing also does heavy PHYS dmg to undead.