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WTB a Scorpion-esq "get over here" pull.
It't called teleport
It's called Teleport. :D
Some of these scale with weapon damage, such as Battering Ram. If you switch to daggers or a staff, you'll get a different tooltip. This is why an Inquisitor (2H+Int+warfare+spells) or fighter/rogue (dagger+scoundrel+warfare) scales well enough to work.
Why scaling changed to Str/Fin?Isn't the scaling supposed to change depending on the weapon.If you have Staffmthen the scaling is INT,right?
It seems like Warfare skills scale depending on what stat your equipped weapon scales of . Staffs scales with INT and thus your Warfare skills will do the same.


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I would greatly appreciate it if instead of all the Deal [X] physical damage, we got 100% of 60% of 120% physical damage (Meaning what are the percentages) for the tooltips like the Huntsman skills in the wiki. Thanks.
Agreed, since the damage is scaling off of weapon damage and not by level.
The ap cost of Battering Ram(50% damage)/Battle Stomp(60%)/Onslaught(250%/4a2s) should be reduced. Bouncing Shield is a little op, probably should get a nerf. Phoenix dive should give fire immunity for one turn(Creating a small Fire surface is almost useless except for pyro mage, also vendors should be selling this skill at level 4 instead of 9)
Battering Ram and Battle Stomp are already must-haves due to CC. Their damage is low because they hit multiple targets AND knock them down. They definitely do not need an AP cost reduction.
Not to mention Battering Ram is a mobility tool if you need it to be, and Battle Stomp can clear a path through oil/fire/poison. Making them cost less would make warriors the best class in the game, and they already arguably are. I agree bouncing shield should get nerfed though, it's ridiculous how much dmg it can do when the drawback of a shield is supposed to be less dps.
Can't believe Warfare doesn't have a heal anymore (like the old Man-at-Arms). Bleak
Challenge heals you. Even works for undead, as of definitive version.



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Don't forget my fellow casters, these skills can help you bring the pain too with skills like whirlwind and such. They will scale off your INT and turn your staff into a weapon of destruction! Solid skills for every class or roll.
Onslaught scales extremely well with Enrage and can easily destroy opponents in just one turn, even bosses with appropriate gear and talents
Yea but you need a two handed weapon and you want 8-10 in two handed + Ingenious for max critical damage. You can set it up with Thick of the Fight in a group of allies and enemies for even more...pretty much kill 2-3 enemies alone over two turns provided you don't get CC'ed.