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as I wanted Velka's talisman to allow me to use miracles and sorceries, to be able to use sunlight spear and crystal soul spear at the same time without changing equipment would be very good!
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You still need to meet the faith requirement to use a miracle
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Unless you're doing a spell-focused build with minimal melee, this wouldn't be advisable. You need 44 INT to use CSS, and 50 FTH to use Sunlight Spear. That's 94 levels poured into these two attributes with minimal scaling, plus you'd need a fair amount of levels put into Attunement to be able to cast these spells more than a handful of times. Better to pick one over the other, unless you really want to sacrifice using melee weapons, or grind for months until you hit SL 400. Even so, it would be better to stop scaling in INT once you hit the param. requirement for CSS, and try for Darkmoon Talisman instead of Velka's, since your FTH will be higher. Then you'll want to get Tin Darkmoon Catalyst for casting sorcery, thanks to its FTH scaling. Unfortunately, this will also water down the power of both your miracles and your sorcery until much later levels.
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Which talisman is the best?
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Depends on your build, buddy. Lower Faith levels will make better use of "Standard," Canvas, or Thorouland, while higher Faith builds (FTH Lvl 40-99) will want either Sunlight, Ivory, or Darkmoon Talisman for their stronger Faith scaling. On the contrary, Intelligence builds can use Velka's Talisman as long as they meet the Faith requirements to cast certain miracles, while also being able to use a Catalyst for sorcery. (However, Faith builds can still use high-powered sorcery if they acquire the Tin Darkmoon Catalyst.) . . .

In short, Darkmoon Talisman will be the best for strong Faith builds, though actually obtaining it is a challenge. Velka's Talisman has higher magic adjust at high Intelligence than weaker Faith-biased Talismans, and is much easier to obtain than Darkmoon, though likely won't be able to cast stronger miracles like Sunlight Spear. If you don't want to collect 10 Souvenirs of Reprisal, go for Ivory or Sunlight once you hit about 40 Faith.
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I wish the L2 was a parry
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Why is it that this table does not show magic ajust, the thing we're all here for?
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By ThunderFlip
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Because magic adjust is variable and scales with your faith. It wouldn't be feasible to list 90+ different values per talisman inside this table. That's why there's a link right below the table to that page.
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the guy who replied to you took the words right out of my mouth
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Even tough it is variable i think it should have an number listing the magic adjustment, after all, it would at least give a base of the magic adjustment it will have
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They literally did that with sorcery catalysts though. It can easily happen
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#1 Darkmoon by a little bit but can only be obtained through PVP
#2 Sunlight and Ivory tie and are pretty much as good as Darkmoon, they got different minimum *FAITH* requirements to be able to use each
#3 Canvas is a default for the Cleric which is great
#4 Kind of a tie between these 3:
-Talisman(stupid naming cuz there's a whole class of "Talismans") - basic byatch gear, nothing special
-Velka's - only if you're going for a pure *INT* build
-Thorolund - weakest and doesn't get better but it's the perfect choice if u don't care about your *FAITH* cuz it's the best at 10-26 *FAITH*
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You don't have to do PVP to get the Darkmoon Talisman- Souvenirs of Reprisal can be farmed by killing Crow Demons, and you only need 10 of these
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it's like a hammer, but it sucks
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Why put in the one wepon you cannot use ingame but put it in a guiding website
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The thorolund talisman actually scales c in faith. I'm currently looking at it on my ps3.
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where do you find an extra talisman slot?
By Demon Slayer
i don't think that makes sense but you only get 4 weapon slots in the game so 4 slots to put talismans in if that's what you meant, if you meant magic attunement slots then you get those for upgrading attunement with 1 every 2 levels to start with and then more levels for more slots. you can also get 1 more slot from the darkmoon seance ring and another from the white seance ring
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Talisman slot? Are you sure you're not trying to ask about elden ring? lmao
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Godfrey's golden shade, margit, finger reader enia after obtaining 2 great runes
You can only have 3 talisman pouches, along with your original slot which gives you about 4 talismans able to be equipped