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If you can't remove the spear (Me and my buddy wasn't able to, was thinking maybe a strength issue) you can also target and attack it
If you can't remove the spear (Me and my friend couldn't, maybe strength related?) you can destroy it.
You need a strength of 12 to pull it out. i did it by using encourage and first aid at the same time on a 10 str char.
It is strength related. I was able to pull it with my highest str party member.
The jar with his soul in it for me was the Supplicant one. Might vary per game.
Supplicant for me as well, seems it does vary.
The jar doesn't vary and expressly indicated to you my Withermoore. When talking to you he will mention something about Braccus Rex considering him a "Supplicant". Hint. Hint. Nudge. Nudge. Wink. Wink. :)
This kind of bugs are all over the game. Quests are not polished.
If you freed Withermoore, he will help you lift a source barrier at Braccus Rex's Tower. <-- this never took place

"We have left Reaper's Eye behind, without helping Lord Withermoore."

"We destroyed Lord Withermoore's Soul Jar, freeing his soul."
Idiots are upvoting this and downvoting the guy who explained how to complete the quest... wow
Another broken quest.....the broken quests are more than the working ones
The game allows your actions to dictate the future interaction with the game. These are NOT bugs. These are an interesting way to show you actually are having an impact on the world you are interacting with. This means it may take you a few run throughs to maximize your XP game. It may take some trial and error or research to optimize this as well. For those looking for a challenge, this makes the game more interesting as you should not just hack and slash your way through. You can just hack and slash your way through, but have to deal with consequences like not fully completing some quests. Fully completing quests just give more XP and more loot (which you can often choose from). However, pump up Lucky Charm on the character opening chests, barrels, etc and the loss of loot from not fully completing quest will barely be felt.
Same as other posters, destroyed his jar and went back to find him, but he was just at his usual place, but dead. No help at all! Hope they fix this and the other quest bugs.
So, this isn't where Withermoore's quest actually ends. Once you escape Fort Joy, you can go to Necromancer's Tower, which is a maze near an Ice Dragon. Once you get to the door at the end, and ONLY if you don't have any source points, Wihermoore comes out, opens the door, and you get some XP and a finished quest.
He appeared near a Source door in Braccus Rex's Tower, didn't say a word, and then disappeared. Now we're stuck and I think the quest bugged out because he isn't opening the door for us. (And, yes, we freed his soul.)
I got to the barrier and was trying to move to a point beyond to activate Withermoore , no success, tried again with no source points on the leader, no success, tried again after using all of the party's source, still no joy.
Then I noticed the column beside the barrier. Thank You Withermoore.
Rest in peace old chum.
I didn't get the Prison Key after killing the Houndmaster so I can't enter the Prison...
The key is actually on a stool in the room where you fight him.

If you cannot find it try pick locking the doors. probably only need lvl 1 thievery
I left the jar where it was after interacting with it and upon trying to use it again I received a new option. *place your hand on to the thrumming jar and absorb the soul.*
Upon trying it burned my neck due to the collar stuck on me. So I'm wondering what will happen if I remove the collar and come back.
you get a scource point ;(
Talk to the blacksmith lady in fort joys after winning in the arena and she takes you collar off for free. Then do this part of the quest to simply receive a source point, but it says then you have doomed Withermoore. Don't know of any long term consequences for doing this other than him not coming to open the door in at the Necromancer's Tower. But this can apparently be opened if you have source points. But not sure.