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Remember when WoG was good
It's trash in ds3
I memba
Pepperidge Farm remembers!
it´s lethal when you know how to use it,in pvp arena is hard but if you do it well you can one-shot people,i love this miracle,in ds2,yeah i agree,in ds3 is crap
this is pretty viable with very high cast speed and some clever use of great heal mixups... much like mixing up excerpt and heavenly thunder in a pair.

attempt to cast great heal a couple times... roll out of it and try again... then flip to WoG and nuke the poor hungry sap... works especially well against extra offensive people and if you're missing some health, along with enough Poise to tank cast it
True... the only problem is that for the vast majority of players, they aren't seeing it till NG+ +, and the buying it from Chancellor Wellager option ! :-) Silly of From to make the "normal way of getting it" so ridiculous, but at least they realized that would be a problem, as the game aged, and provided the secondary option (Chancellor), to still enable players to get the Platinum Trophy, as well as simply enjoy all the spells in the game.


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I *****ing hate how hard this is to get. Especially since the Blue Sentinels has been dead for a long time now. On top of that anytime I am a blue sentinel and I get sent into a Blue Apostle's world to rescue them they're already dead or the invader is a twink build who has a ton of health and some fully upgraded dlc weapons or boss weapons. It's *****ing *******. I wish i could take the person who made the decisions regarding this covenant into a room and slowly torture them until they died. It's impossible to roleplay as a paladin when you can't *****ing rank up in this covenant unless you make a low soul memory anti-twink build.
That's how this***** goes in DS3 as well except that there are more people still playing...for now.
Yeah it kinda sucks im in ng+ just to get WoG. And then i have to do it all over again