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Tell me about Fane, Why does he wear the mask?
So the living don't attack him on sight.
No-one cared about who he was before he put on the mask.
Because Fane is a big guy
For you.
Fane posting.
The masketta man ?
The mask mostly likely works like an enchantment/veil to make him appear as a living being. So he can walk the realm of the living.
He collects masks from every being/race in D:OS2. Each mask gives him the properties of said race (Kinda like Link in Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask). The reason he wears it? Dunno. My guess is because his kind/race was exterminated for a reason and now he doesn't want to be seen. Even though he's a skeleton.
There was this Lizard chick in the Fort Joy Prison who escaped, then said ," the undead had their hands on me in five minutes". I guess that's part of the reason, other undeads are viscious and make bad impressions.
Read the wiki "The Undead are an abhorred race in Rivellon, considered abominations of the natural order. Those who wish to walk among the living must mask themselves or risk provoking violence."
I played as Fane and took off my mask in front of Gratiana in a bid to unlock new dialog options... Bad move. Very bad move.
Anyone know Fane's starting class yet? Trying to plan out my party.
His default is Wizard, though you can select any of the classes for any of the companions
Wizard. Though you can pick whatever class you choose, however that is his preferred profession. Geo/Pyro
Inquisitor with Geomancer would be the best class for him IMO. But Canon-wise, Wizard.
I made him a necromancer. Duh.
I started as Fane and had an item that let me switch between Human, Elf, Dwarf, and Lizard. I ended up losing that item early on. Was that supposed to happen?
Happened to me too
Yes, that's supposed to happen. The Sourcerer lady on the boat stole it. You can get it back later.
how to build fane? summoner+?
made myself a undead elf rouge
made fane tank
need a caster to posison everything and an archer or other ranged
where can you find Fane after you board the Lady Vegeance, it seems that I cannot fine him, and after I escape, he dies :(
He's behind a hidden tangle of vines somewhere after the Beach.
he dies if you don't take him in your party when you fight against Dallis
Aboard the boat, he is sitting in the back at the first lower deck (so not where the prison is).
When you take the stairs from the main deck down, he will be on the right side of the ship. There are these folded paper walls (what are those called?), he stands near one and if you're a female, you can talk him into some little "experimenting" behind one of these. Maybe males can too, haven't tried to be honest.