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All gear obtained through combat trails is completely RNG, you cannot get anything guaranteed.
What if im offline how do i get out of the colosseum
The link to Kuretz doesn't work... just search it with the search option (top-left).
It says they are guaranteed Clean.
The second link doesn't work but the first one does.
It doesn’t make sense, I’m lost here. You have to be in a school to start a 1v1, but you have to be lvl 50 to open a school. How did the first guy to open a school managed to get lvl 50 without a school ?
Some of the devs and beta test players probably had a high enough combat level to allow this
you do not need to be in a school to start a one vs one match, this is a miss-understanding. you can actually start a 1v1 match by going to an alter, going to combat trials, then you can launch a 1v1 match there and wait for it to find someone looking to fight. ( and as a side note, the first school in the game is set up by an npc, so the first person to open a school is a bot, not a person. just letting you know ) i know i was kind of late responding to this, but i hope you see it! good luck fighting and playing absolver!