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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Enough with the turn-based combat system. It's dead, can't you people understand that?
*laughs in Persona 5*


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Over $2,000,000 says otherwise. Turn based combat is often more thought provoking and satisfying for many gamers and thus will always be around.
Dont be a pleb, let people enjoy things.
we probably don't but that doesn't mean you're right.
Aww, don't like using your brain to play games?
Don’t feed the trolls!
Incoming Game of the Year award.
What a dumb comment. Plenty of people love it as is evident by the two games' success.
you don´t even know how great a game this is when you are saying turn based combat system is dead it will most likely never died out i love it since it give time to think about what you are doing. and on a whole other note why are you in here if you don´t like it.
Clearly this guy has no life, no friends, no social network, otherwise he would realize how dumb he sounds making such a backward comment....
Would love for the patch notes page to be updated to the latest Steam/GOG releases.
The game even sold better than the massive hit playerunknown's battlegrounds for a while on steam, and there is definitely no turn-based combat in that game, so you are clearly wrong.
ofc it is turn based...are u trolling or smth?


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Calm down about the original poster being a troll guys. Nothing needs to be said to someone looking up a wiki for a game to hate on it.
Random Loot generation is a problem. Besides that it is beautiful.
"Enough with the turn-based combat system. It's dead, can't you people understand that?"

Enough with the voicing your negative opinion about a system that people enjoy world wide! your negative comments are not constructive! can't you undertand that we don't care that you don't like turn-based combat?
Who says turn based games are dead? This year alone several turn based games came out and ended up being very popular.
"Enough with the turn-based combat system. It's dead, can't you people understand that?"
That's funny. I guess this kid never heard of X com, wasteland, or(and this might rock their tiny world) Fallout 1 and 2... lol

Sorry lad, but despite you not liking the genera, Turn-based strategy games are alive and well. :)
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