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By Anonymous
Also wieghs more than several heavy sets glued together
By Anonymous
If you have base knight endurance stat and equip havel’s ring... you still fat roll ;-;
By Anonymous
Considering the number of likes you have I do I have to clarify for those that may be unaware of your sarcasm: This armor is actually several units LIGHTER then the lightest Heavy armor set (Black Iron set). A Havel Ring makes this armor easy to utilize.
By Anonymous
The crestfallen merchant wares this when you meet him... Now if I'm not mistaken he's form Berenike just like iron Tarkus... but if iron Tarkus was the only one who made it through Sen's fortress in one piece ( he's is form Berenike to BTW) then how can he be the only one?.. that made it through to Anor londo when the crestfallen merchant could he quite easily done so? Just a wee mistake in the game lore here. Iron Tarkus is NOT the only one hwo made it through Sen's fortress alive... Unless of course the CM is undead.

They should have at least stated that many have tried to get to Anor Londo, but few have succeeded just like Tarkus
By Anonymous
The merchant has not defeated the iron golem.
By Anonymous
The merchant is crestfallen as he cannot progress and kill the iron golem. Only Tarkus has succeeded.
By Anonymous
Tarkus didn't kill the golem either, he used the grab teleport glitch to skip it. /s

In all seriousness, Tarkus is the only one who progressed past the golem. And yes, the Merchant is undead.
By Anonymous
This armor might be used more if you didn't need 5 titanite slabs to get it to +10. I'll just get a few more points of vitality and use the giant's set.
By Anonymous
Perhaps but if you have comrades, getting the materials should be easier.
By Anonymous
5??? Did you mean 4? Does chest piece takes 2 titanite slabs?
By Anonymous
Nobody upgrades armor.
By Anonymous
someone gave me 10 titanite slabs, im using this now
By Anonymous
Steel Child > Giant Dad
By Anonymous
I've been doing a steel child run this entire time lol
By Anonymous
this set looks great but the feet are ugly as sin, they look like flippers
By Anonymous
Finally, someone points this out.

Honestly the only reason that keeps me from everr using the full set are the leggins which is a shame because I like the leg armor but I can't stand those ugly shaped feet
By Anonymous
This set (minus the helm) looks perfect with the dragon head stone, as the chest piece actually gives the appearance of neck protection for your dragon head. I personally don't use the gauntlets and leggings since I want a light character and use the wanderer gauntlets and leggings in their place, since they go reasonably well with the chest piece.
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By bukharajones
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This is medium armor? Far out. Doesn’t feel like but it’s damn sturdy!
By Anonymous
"As a set +10, provides the highest physical protection of any armor set in its class, greater than several Heavy Armor sets"
why is it considered medium ?
It even has the weight and penalty (-1 stamina regen on all pieces) of heavy armor
By nextros
some medium sets do have that stamina regen debuff, the difference is that it seems heavy chest armor almost always has -2 stamina regen compared to a set like this thats only -1