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By Anonymous
Blood for the blood god
By Anonymous
And skulls for his throne
By Anonymous
Milk for my khorneflakes
By Anonymous
Don't use this thing. Great scyyhe has better damage output when dark infused, and bone scythe is far superior if you are on a strenght/hex build. Or you can use the Scythe of want and toss rob+flynn rings for a 700+ AR monster.
By Anonymous
what about how infusing it with poison/bleed increases the dark scaling?
By Anonymous
nah i'll still use it cause it looks dope
By Anonymous
this is a spear?
By Anonymous
no, this is patrick
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By Dontwanabeahero
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Is this scythe a spear
yes as it happens that famous tool of reaping the spear

jokes aside no its not a spear its a scythe
By Anonymous
the one gren uses is so tiny and cool!
By Anonymous
Do I need to kill Titchy Gren in order to get this?