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By Anonymous
Only downside is I don't like how it looks, I typically stick to Dragon Crest for that sole reason
By Anonymous
Very good shield but I prefer silver night shield I think is the best medium shield with great stability
By Anonymous
Also heater shield is the first shield on the undead asylum you will not have to buy it from the merchant...
By Anonymous
The Heater Shield isnt in Undead Asylum. Heater Shield is in Undead Asylum if you choose the Warrior class
By Anonymous
To keep the undead merchant alive next character i make, just so i can make crystal versions of this weapon, or to drop the shield and just murder the undead merchant for that snazzy katana... Tough choice!
By Anonymous
Hello my dear black knight
See how this tiny thing parries your fabolous wonderful mighty extremly overpowered ultra greatsword
By Anonymous
This is easily the best shield in the game, while statically there are superior shield for every other stat this one has stat requirements that allow any of the starting classes to use it. It's stability is SHOCKINGLY high for it's weight, not only that but it also has 100% physical block and a fast parry speed. Remember that this weighs less than the Crest and Dragon Crest Shield. Also you don't need to use a titanite Slab on it because it's Stability doesn't go up at +15, freeing that precious upgrade material for something more important.

Plus it does a great job at blocking elements for it's weight, sure it's Magic damage block is pretty lackluster at 30%, it's Fire damage block is great and it's Lightning damage block is respectable.

Another nice thing is that this can be used viably as Crystal because you can buy as many of them as you need, sure it's costly in the long run, but this puts it immediately as the +14 Standard Stability of 68.

Overall this Shield is a must have for lightweight characters as despite it's size and weight it punches far above (figuratively) what it should for being one of the shields of a starting class, even then pretty much any character can make great use of this thing.
By Anonymous
Perfect choice if you want 100% physical resistance and very decent protection from fire while maintaining fast parrying ability. One of the top shields in the game far more superior than any of those little crappy light shields.
By PontiffSullivan
What's the best upgrade path for a dex build? Thx I advance.
By Anonymous
For DEX builds it's best to take the normal ascension path so you can buff your weapons. If you have at least 12 INT and 10 Attunement you can equip the Oolacile Ivory Catalyst and Magic Weapon sorcery.
By Anonymous
Crystal is also good, given that you can buy as many of these as you need from the Undead Male Merchant it's a viable option as well.