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By Anonymous
Is there any way to obtain this set? I've been grinding out combat trials and am lvl. 40 in it and all i have from this set is the belt.
By Anonymous
You get the pants from a cairn somewhere. I forget where tho
By Anonymous
Anyone know if this set can be obtained in all black? I've found nothing but green's for this armor
By Anonymous
Its random item quality(If its torn and battered looking) and color from the drop, There is about 3 variants for each item, Unsure about black for all though
By Anonymous
Shabu Guard Vest: 6 Blunt, 0.7 Cut, 1.1 Weight
(Torn) Shabu Guard Gloves: 0.9 blunt, 0 Cut, 0.2 Weight
Shabu Guard Belt: 1 blunt, 0.1 cut, 0.2 weight
Shabu Guard shoes: 1.7 Blunt, 0.1 cut, 0.3 Weight

I haven't found clean gloves yet.
By Nanoro
This info is wrong. The Shabu Guards at Towerpoint *do not* in fact wear nor drop the undertop or trousers of this set, being all female NPCs.
By Anonymous
I've been farming Tower of Adal for several hours now and have defeated many NPCs wearing those clothes, yet I have not gotten the overtop... I'm starting to wonder if online mode would yield better results, but fighting of 5 NPCs and some random A**hole does not sound very fun.