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I already have beaten Cargal & Kilnor a second time with a combat level of 20, and I didn't get the mask...
You need to get to trials level 50 and beat them first
I just beat them at trials 50 and got nothing.
The Mask will drop when you fight them third time, combatant lvl 50 needed
not to sure on that my friend beat it at 20 and got the mask
This mask also drops from PvP
Got it the first time I fought Kilnor & Cargal but it seems that there's just a percent chance you'll get it.
oh nvm the first guy was only combat lvl 20 so it seems to be a definite drop in the combat lvl 50 fight, i only wish i didnt also get this in pvp aswell since i wanted an actually different and new mask