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We need more info!
The mask after the motherland mask on this list, mask #22 is the "Sand Tribe Mask"
Description reads: Tribal shape, Usually chosen by nomads from Ripa when taking the Vow.

Credit: SkyOFFXan

I would love to be able to post more info to help please contact me at Bjfuentes101@yahoo.com
Sand Tribe Mask aka Mask 22 is a reward for reaching combat trial level 8

Credit: SkyOFFXan
Rewards for Combat Trial levels appear to be random, actually.
Not true, as masks can drop randomly as rewards for leveling up in combat trials. This may have been the case for you, but it is totally random.
i really do wish they put some more weapons and armor in game instead of pvp cause I'm really tired of pvp farming
From experience and considering the way moves are learnt in this game, I think it would be prudent to say that if an enemy is wearing something they have a chance to drop it. I get the feeling masks are an exception but it appears most standard non-boss enemies drop the gear they wear. What I would really like to know is whether the colour they are wearing will match the colour of the item dropped...
BIG INFO: I've noticed there are two types of the same equipment (not including masks) : clean (or new) and unclean (or old/worn out). As stated the unclean equipment is usually dirty or torn and the clean equipment is well clean and doesn't usually have any worn out features. An easy way to tell what kind you have is to look in your inventory, and the clean equipment will have a pale white aura around it when you select it to be worn, whereas the unclean equipment will not. The clean equipment will have the correct colour that is displayed in the equipment selection menu when you wear it but the unclean equipment will not. Plus the clean equipment will have better stats.



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