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I was able to get Jinn Mesca's mask the first time I fought him, but after fighting Ama Saba numerous times I haven't been able to get any armor drops, let alone her mask. Are you able to get boss armor from beating them or is Jinn different because he's not a marked one?
Must be a very rare and random drop. I fought Jinn and didn't get anything.
Some of them drop armor, But not all of hem. I don't know which ones do and don't though
Dude, Ama Saba doesn't drop her mask. I got mine through PVP reward.
jinns mask, tunic and shoes can be dropped
Hive Bone Mask is a pretty rare drop. The only NPCs that drop masks are Jinn and the Bosses (not Marked Ones)
It is known you can't rebattle major bosses until certain combat trial level but what about after that? For example if one has 60 ct level (has unlocked 3rd encounter for all bosses) can they fight all bosses as much as they want?
They even have some things to say. Like, Kuretz even gets sentimental all of a sudden, and Cargal and Kilnor started to get bored without you around.