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Where can I loot this please ? :)
Wondering the same. Where from?


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i think you can only get it by killing the enemy that has the mask equipped and hope that he/she drops it
i got mine as a random drop after a 1v1
I don't think that it drops from any NPCs and I don't think you can loot it from anywhere. Might be able to get it through PVP but, alas, I have yet to find out.
pvp rewarrd

i hope the next patch will put some armor and weapons in game then pvp rewards since I'm kinda tired with pvp
I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. I hope more comes to the PvE section of the game like more areas, weapons, moves, and bosses. While I don't mind occasionally running into someone and duking it out, doing it over and over just to get a specific item is a hassle.
Tired of pvp? Okay? This whole game is about pvp. Pve is only to get some moves/gear.