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Anyone found this mask? I can't find it and been farming third marked one
Haven't found it yet... But I am doing the same, farming the third marked one.
No luck :( I was able to find the forest dwellers chest piece on the roof (item pickup not a drop) of the swamp temple where a marked one was located
Also farming them, nothing so far
Going through combat trails to see if it is a random drop
Been farming the 3rd Marked one and also doing a deep search of the area. Found the Lost Prospect mask hidden in some jars in the Colosseum area so I'm breaking everything I can find and looking for any stone piles I may have missed.
I've been doing some field research and to seems enemies only drop what they're wearing, I could be wrong but combat trials and 3MO might be the only way to get it
Farmed the hell out of the third marked one, no drops.
I have done all the "boss" combat trials you don't get this mask