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When you're used to estoc: Side Thrust, Reverse Rising Thrust, Seven Star Trust & Limbo Thrust... repeat.
where to farm sword moves?
so the best method ive found is to farm marked ones. they always start with a sword and there is usally an extra sword near them. pick that up, drop it in their room and block like your life depends on it. I would suggest have a two move guard break combo as well. they have a real hard time dealing with it.
How do I change my attacks with swords? I can't figure it out and the game gives little indication.
Im writing a story of sword fighting as I dont want to put the whole word any ay I can abreviate it? (Sorry for the bad english)
not sure why you decided to post here but have you tried swordsmanship?
wait, this doesn't even have stagger style, let alone faejin.. seems a bit of an oversight
Swordsmanship, fencing, swordplay, bladework and the like are all synonyms Google turned up.
They need to update this website.