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This guy is a real badass
Was. He was a Real Badass. He's dead, no matter if you killed him or not, he died in the battle and his corpse is in the Forest of the Fallen Giants. His body is the set of Armor, Drangleic Sword and Drangelic Shield you find.
A small bug I found on SOTFS is that I didn't need to actually summon him to get the helmet. I just finished up Beharts and then was getting ready to kill the Giant Lord again, when he just gave me the helmet
You don't NEED to summon him to get his Helmet. You just need to kill The Giant Lord and return to him.
Pls help, got his helmet but No achievement
he died under the pursuer boss room
Why couldn't players use his hairstyle? Shame
They always give you*****ty design options in these games....
Wake the f**k up witcher! We have a city to burn!