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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

I know this is a stretch because the game hasn't even been released yet but could we get the starting and finishing stances for the attacks. It would really help out with making combat decks.
The problem is that an attack will change finishing stance depending on the attack before it. It would be great if someone could code a "stance-guide-generator-thingy".
I also think it'd be nice if we could start listing what kinds of enemies and where use each attack for better acquisition.
Can we get also a list of "ends In"?
Were is the 4th set of attacks there seams to be a lot more that are not there?
short summary for new people of some useful and frequently used up and down evade moves in pvp:

attributes in [ ]
Fast moves generally scales well with !dex! slightly slower moves !str! wind up moves that require evade, space, stagger etc. can "differentiate" in this regard
soft cap lies at aproximatly 20 for most builds

1.Down evade moves

hits low in aoe(:( Tripped kick [fast], Back tripped kick [fast], Low spin heel [medium/slow], Front sweep [medium/fast] ):)

Meialua [slow,+ aoe mid hit, punish vs most flying moves,-easy to parry] Roll uppercut [-2slow mid, mostly useful after evade reengage, +dmg]

2: Up evade moves

Illusion twist kick [medium dex+ airtime spins might punish low im not certain - don't carry the forward momentum id like for the windup time] Jumped light kick [+fast hits mid, Excellent combo breaker, Punish low hit spam] Jumped out elbow[+guard break, counters resist moves and lows, carries far on cancel, dmg -slow telegraphed] Bounce knee [medium str + chase tool, dmg]

Hit mid and high aoe (:( Scissor kick [fast/medium aoe + slightly faster then most windup kicks - range] Slap kick [fast/medium aoe same story] 360 tornado [medium/slow dmg zone tool] ):)
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No an attack does not change stance due to the previous attack. The previous attack does change stance, but the properties of the attack does not change.


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Added where to learn all fist moves. Working on rounding out sword moves and entire move list for stagger class.
Where do we learn the Cleaver Blow?