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The video link is a Dead link
Its Dark Souls. Its prob meant to be like that
gonna **** the sun
***** the sun's daughter with the amazing chest
Great Walkthrough!
dlc bosses gave me so much trouble. This guy was a cake walk comparatively and rightly so. I'm sad the game is over.. Onto dark souls 2 :)
Imo the "good" ending is the dark lord ending and the "bad" ending is the link the fire #Darkwraiths_did_nothing_wrong!
The Dark Lord ending is definitely the 'good' ending. If you link the fire, you're just playing into the Gods' deception. By breaking the Age of Fire, you allow the cycle to continue naturally. Gwyn is worse than Sulyvahn.
By continuing the Age of Fire, I believe you'll just make more people suffer, there are indeed unstoppable forces in Lordran
Link the Fire is the true ending check DS3's Soul of Cinder
Well if you link the fire you play into the gods deception, but if you become the dark lord the citizens of the world would be corrupted by the dark like the Oolicile residents. After Gwyn tainted humanity into being into being akin to light, dark was harmful to the humans and they learned to fear it. So moral of the story Gwyn is a ****
I mean...the Darkwraiths are said to have helped the "Lords" defeat the Arch-Dragons. Gywn, as he seems to have done with any and all humans, simply betrayed to ensure his brethren got all the power in the Age of Fire. I do not believe the Dark to be some inherently evil force within the games, but rather we play from the canon perspective (to continue the narrative) that we are a believer in or servant of the Gods ie. the Dark and everything connected to it is our enemy.

Undeath and Hollowing are an act put upon humanity by Gywn and the Lords. They prevented, along with the player characters, the natural Age of Man ie. of Dark. Of course, the Dark world would be vastly different and humans would take new forms as hollow looking creatures...but with great power drawn from the Dark. Kaathe, I believe, is simply a servant of the natural order while Frampt is simply an ally of Gywn...perhaps a traitor to the natural order similar to Seath for the dragons. At nearly every turn, the "bad" actions brought on by Dark related events actually stem "preventative" measures taken by the Lords such as the genocide of New Londo to prevent the Four Kings and the denizens to use the Dark to rise above their "Gods." The thing I'm unsure about is with Dark Souls 3's mentions of the Age of Deep and how that might play into this grand battle. While it could refer to an Age after the age of Dark, it could also be sub-section or perhaps a perversion of the Dark ie. something like what the Abyss is.
Are we forgetting the part where the Dark Wraiths attack people and pillage their souls and humanity to satiate Kaathe? They call themselves Wraiths! As far as I’m concerned, they both suck!



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Well if you think about it linking the fire is playing into the gods hands but at the same time becoming the dark lord is just as much kaft influencing you as the other way, either way you go you are being manipulated, what this means is the best ending is simply not addressing it at all, letting the fire fade on its own and disregard the darkwraiths, let them both lose, hell why not create your own world away from gods and darkwraiths, a land of humans that can live in peace, a land of hollows... Oh oops... That's the third game huh...


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How come that the place is so big, but still no-one has seen it or climbed in the mountains to find it
Judging by the spooky fog staircase it might be in another dimension/ time
It is supposed to be exactly under firelink shrine and there is no way you can see it above
What's with the fogged up knights at the stairs? I've been looking for information regarding them. Anyone know?
I believe these are the Silver Knights who came with Gywn to the Kiln when he left Anor Londo to the link the flame in order to extend the Age of Fire and prevent the Age of Man/Dark. They were burned and obliterated when Gywn linked the flame due to the flame's power which also rendered Gywn into the state we find him in. It's said in some lore description that these knights now forever roam within the Kiln or something along those lines.
I've actually rarely encountered, if at all, any PvP in the Kiln. I've found white and gold summon signs during the original game on the 360 version a couple years back.
I didn’t even know Summoning and Invading was possibly in the Kiln besides Solaire. I always assumed because this is the final area and so came to the conclusion it would kinda ruin the whole thing by having summon signs scattered everywhere and people invading you left and right.