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aww hell yeaaaahhh
The rats in the Royal Rat Authority bossfight drop Old Radiant Lifegems so you can farm them for an unlimited supply. Drop rate isn't that great though.
these are firly droped from the dragon knights and whitches in the shire of amana´s thirth bonfire. in my opinion the best farming spot
Yes but is the shrine of amana and therefore literally the worst area in the game outside farming.
with a high item discovery, at the Royal Rat Authority boss they drop these at least every 2-3 times going in the boss room. They die easily to combustion and with the dragonwatch parma, jester's cap, covetous gold ring+1 and tattered clothes armor I would get them fairly often, along with a lot of pharros lockstones.
The frozen reindeers also drops them, if i'm not mistaken.


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Yes, and the drops are not extremely rare, I got 4 of them in 2 runs with no item discovery boosts.