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Downfall is a major part of the lore. Many people died because of some sort of sulfuric gas in the air. The Oratian Quarters also has people seemingly petrified at their doorsteps.
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Those people are statues sculpted by a NPC.
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In the earliest days of humanity, as men started organizing into tribes, transmitting culture and knowledge through generations, they discovered the exceptional medicinal properties of a translucent rock found underground: the Essence. Some tribes eventually discovered that the Essence also reacted to primordial incantations. Using the right tones and rhythms, it could take extraordinary properties: emit light or energy, become lighter than air, harder than diamond, and more... It soon became the most valuable resource to men. A nomadic tribe called the Adal, who had become experts in Essence incantations, settled on a source of Essence, which they started exploiting, in a vast mine reaching down the bowels of the earth. The Adalian tribe grew in power, mining essence, trading with other powers, and as centuries passed, it ended up conquering most of the nearby countries: the Empire of Adal was born. The Empire of Adal became the economic and cultural center of the known world, and above the fortified walls of the city of Raslan, built the Tower of Adal, the jewel of the Empire. In the higher levels of the Tower was the Imperial Library, hosting the secret incantations known only to Adalian channelists. One spring morning, a rumble was heard from the depth of the mine, and the earth split open, engulfing entire neighborhoods. Thousands died crushed by the falling buildings, but many more died poisoned by sulfuric fumes released in the air - amongst them, the Emperor and his family. The Empire didn’t survive the cataclysms of the Downfall, and the few who survived fled to the provinces near the heart of Adal, which regained their autonomy. It was time for a new order to emerge… Amongst the survivors were members of a mystical sect, calling themselves The Guides. Their influence grew fast: traumatized by the Downfall, the populations grew to believe their prophecies of doom and decided to follow the law of Anlek. The Guides eventually decided to wield hard power, and using Folding magic, created a ritual enchanting masks, allowing them to revive and control their elite corps of combatants: the Absolvers. In the mountains north of Adal, the Guides built a sanctuary, Towerpoint, in which their central Authority is located, and where they receive Prospects: volunteers who have chosen to wear the Mask, and to join the Absolvers.
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Thank you! The response may be late, but I've quickly added it to the wiki! Thank you for your assistance!
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where is the lore on the Tear, the Orate the Newforest and uring?
Just says that the page is not found...
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UPDATE pls!!!
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Update on tear lore and uring too
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what caused the downfall excatly? was it the overmining of adalians? of course we don't know because you guys can't update your page