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Bears resemblance to German Gothic armor, specifically the helmet.
Yes it’s my favorite armor
Yes the helm is clearly inspired by a sallet helm.
Its too bad dark souls doesn't add more verity when it comes down to knight sets,
it seems to be nothing but armet after armet with the occasional great helm.
What i would give for a houndskull bascinet helm, that would be the tits.
Ahh sallet
best light armour set in the game
Happy Souls anyone?
Why dose everyone keep stabbing me in the back!?
becuz it does extra damage.


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fatty souls
Helmet looks like the "shockmaster" helm from wcw lol
For the life of me I can't seem to get the leggings to drop
W i d e
SOTFS - been farming the legging for hours , in different locations, they just dont drop, *****in shame
Upd: got the leggins with 0 item discovery, looks like this particular item has a lowered discovery rating unlike the other and my item discovery was to high.