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Eat pant
This is not relevant here.
Normie get out.
weights 1.5?
weights 20
Wait wat? 1.5 weigh like a mountain? um and 22 stability is great....... yeah
Ahaha, i was about to say the same... There is a lot of mistakes with the shields, sadly...
I'm using it, it's 80.
Damage reduction
physical 100
magic 80
fire 75
electricity 65
stability 80
need 38 in strength
durability 400
weight 20
Attack Damage 82
D scale in strength
Weakness stability Try Fixing
Yeah the stability is supposed to be 80
Finally got it after grinding those 5ish great stone knights. After I equipped the coventous gold serpent ring and had 10 humanities the spawn rates went up. Suprisingly I got a lot of stone greatswords even 1 in the run I got the stone greatshield.
me the opposite. I was farming for the sword and after 25 run from the bonfire to the garden i was able to find 7 shield and no swords... I looted the sword after 120 stone knight
You can buy the sword from shiva
Thank you! I repeat the run 20 time with the mimic helm and got no drop. When removed came in the second run
I got this drop from an elder ghru in the Farron swamp! He was directly between #3 and #5 on part 1 of the Farron Swamp map (On this site).
Wrong game my friend
I am so mad because I already have the black knight shield
And I got the great stone shield
How much strength do I need to have to use it properly?
It says 38 str under requirements...
Isn't it 26?