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By Anonymous
Its only NG+ though
By Anonymous
You can use a bonfire ascetic to obtain Crystal Soul Spear on regular NG
By Anonymous
Not quite. Any true sorcerer will get this and the mlgs immediately via aesthetics
By Anonymous
Aesthetics, lol
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is this better than the normal Soul Sphere?
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By Anonymous
Depends. Better for a glass-canon/ fast DPS, but has much less uses, and occupies double the slots. Yet it's a bit more strong, faster and uses less stamina.

It can be goodIf you know you're heading for a boss (that doesn't have high magic resistance), and you have the slots to spare. If you're traversing a normal mob area, I really recommend using two soul spear instead.
By Anonymous
TBH its way easier and probably better to just farm some soul spears at the huntsman's copse second bonfire. Crystal soul spears take 2 slots, normal soul spears take only one
By Anonymous
True, but if you are farming the Giant Lord to max out your characters' level or some other boss, this is probably better. Using it to fight mobs means you will be consuming a lot of your spell replenishing herbs, but against a single enemy the higher damage per hit means you can increase your DPS and make up for the attunement slot by warping back to the bonfire with your aged feather.
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By SlaveKnightKos
Also CSS is significantly faster than the normal SS
By L4G
Combining this with Soul Spear, Crystal Soul Spear, Soul Geyser to farm the Guardian Dragon.
By Anonymous
Loved this spell in DS1. Here with two slots? I really don't agree on this, since there are major trade-offs between both, yet this requires more int and has both less casts and double the required slots.

Maybe for PVP it's viable. But for PVE Soul Spear is much superior, specially on ATT 50 and with Crown of the Old Iron King.
By Anonymous
This is why I love DS2 Old Patch because this spell uses only one spell slot in old patch
By Anonymous
Also costs 10,000 souls from Straid, in NG+
By Anonymous
with super high attunement and intelligence, you cheese non dlc enemies with this or normal soul spear
By Anonymous
Guide to completely break this game (And make Sorcerer a viable class for once lul)
Get Bonfire ascetics & farm some old Paledrake Souls - trade them for Crystal Soul Spears - leave INT in 53 and instead lvl up Attunement to 94 (This increases both the amount of slots and spell's casts). Some equipmen that increases casts and spell slots can be useful too - With this you can equip many CSS and also every single of the copies you farmed gains extra uses, ridiculously increasing the amount of casts.
Now CSS is your new and completely broken version of the basic Soul Arrow, making pointless getting other spells, and since cast regen items regens all of your copies it's just imposible for you to run out of CSS.