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BioMutant is Now Officially Real! And so is your chance to play as an Anthropomorphic Rocket Raccoon Type Creature in a Post-Apocalyptic Kung-Fu Action-RPG!



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Let's see here:

60$ - for the base game

20-30$ - for the figurine (going off standard toy retail prices)

5-10$ - for the artwork fabric (just guessing here)

7-15$ - for the soundtrack (why game soundtracks cost so much I do not know. I've seen them cost 2/3 of the base game in some cases)

and what, 5 - 15$ for the box depending on what it's made of?

Overall, it seems to balance out, though again, WHY DO GAME SOUNDTRACKS COST SO MUCH! I just checked, and Undertale's soundtrack by itself costs 10$, as much as the game, plus requires the game to play. Still, much fairer price compared to some other collector's editions, that's for sure.

To be honest, this is the first time I've considered buying a collector's edition for a game......well, not counting indiebox.
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