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Fromsoft really had a great sense of humor when making this game, huh?
OwO what's this?
Sticky White Stuff believe it or not. -A Platypus Conoisseur.
Out of all the questionable translations in this game, this one has to be deliberate
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
you have 69 upvotes lmao
They made it look like a candle, but...
What was the point in renaming it
No idea. But I think that renaming it Sticky White Slime is almost as bad as the original name for it.
So the name doesnt resemble jizz
They probably renamed it so it sounds less... y'know

But arguably "sticky white slime" is an even more questionable name
sussiest change in imposter
Sticky White Stuff for ever
Low key kinda pissed the wiki is using the new name as the "official" one.