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do you still need the ring to go to the abyss after you've defeated the four kings?
no, only if you help someone else with the boss, then yes
dont know why people downvote ppl just asking for help
Downvoting is a quick way to flag a question that 1) has an answer of "NO" or 2) is a dumb question because it's already answered literally on this same wiki page. This question fits both categories.
To the 19th may 2020 dumb condescending *, it may not have said so on the page back in 2018 lmfao go put your own **** back in your mouth
"Why are you searching for the sun in the abyss?"



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Fun fact: you can warp from this bonfire without the lordvessel, if you kill the four kings before acquiring it. Nice forethought by the devs.
the sealers used water to contain the abyss, just like real lifem it it weren't for our ocean, darkness would have swallowed this world we call ours long ago
don't cut yourself on that edge
god i hate some replies... always "edgy", "cringy", ppl nowadays need the goddamn chill pill
I mean, it makes some sense? Some of the most messed up creatures on the planet live in the dark depths of the ocean.
no, doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
those creatures aren't "held back" by the ocean, they are able to exist BECAUSE of the ocean. if the ocean disappeared, all those creepy things would just die; they wouldn't pose a threat to anyone
to the last reply... I think he meant that we\d also disappear since like 80% of the oxygen is from damn algae in the ocean... also the planet would heat up bad and the atmosphere would go pshhh
è tutto buio