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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

We managed to glitched the game where one character could roam freely even when the rest of us was in combat, we started attacking dallis without her doing a thing to the rest of the team, she wont die when she reaches 0 hp, instead she usually uses healing potion but after her turn she turns into a Dragon, and flies away saying she will meet you next time. she also dropped her hammer ''the reckoning'' pretty good stats.
You have always been able to get into combat with only a portion of your party and roam with the rest of them. You can even do that, sneak with your extra members and have them come attack while sneaking (they will get 1 spell/attack off before being pulled into the combat)
Where is she when you have to fight her for the second to last battle at Fort Joy? You and the Seekers split up and you're told to go to a tower and fight her, but I do not see her.
You don't fight her at all at Fort Joy....you literally walk straight forward to trigger the act-ending battle.
You only fight Alexandar outside of the Seeker's camp (the other camp, not the one with the shrine of Amadia), you can fight Dallis before her scene with Magister Atusa and later on board the Lady Vengeance. That's it.
UPDATE: Dallis now drops 2 more uniques after defeating her at Fort Joy and on the Lady Vengeance. These are the most powerful uniques of Act 1, along with Fang of the Winter Dragon Unique 1: Blazing Justice. 1 handed mace. Better than Fang of the Winter Dragon. Also has +2 Str +2 intel +2 memory +2 single handed +1 rime slot Unique 2: Radiant Aegis. Shield. Best you can get. 10% block chance +2 +3 constitution +1 wit +1 rune slot
Do you eventually kill her at some point?
If you still haven't found out: she is the potential final boss of the game.
This article should mention also the fact that as of at least a recent patch or update of some kind, it is no longer possible to kill Dallis the Hammer with a barrel of Death Fog collected from the ship if you're fast enough to get it: She may have been previously killable with such, and maybe it's recent but she has the UNDEAD TAG when observed murdering Atusa at Alexandar's command.
No, but so long as you drop it on Alexander it's the same outcome.
Makes sense and also lines up with the lore. In case you haven't got there yet, Dallis is, in fact, an undead.
Is it possible to fight her in Fort Joy after triggering the first encounter ? Or do I missed the opportunity ?
Missed opportunity. She should leave after scripted event with Magister Atusa or if you triggered combat and did not cause her to flee by defeating Alexander or bringing her HP down to around r0%
Best if you party has 2 men with lonewolf(best with crossbows or bows). After she walks away on the square. You initiate the fight when she walks in (start from the side closer to the waypoint). When the fight starts, onefight(the first guy)shoot her from the stairs and escape the fight before your second guys turn. After your first guy escaped, wait for your second guys turn. When its the second guys turn, your first guy can rejoin the battle (his turn is at the very end). Then your second guy hit her once and eacape the battle. Repeat the process, you can have infinite turns until she flies away.
If you have torturer talent, you can end the ship fight in one turn by using ignition. I have no idea how that works, but it does.
Might be helpful for potential honor mode runs, where you can respec into torturer/pyro before the fight.
I've tested this with Torturer and multiple fire spells, including ignition, and it doesn't work. I've also tried using the Illuminator mace and inflicting her with Necrofire, that also doesn't work. Maybe it was a glitch, or maybe they patched this out?
You need you use teleport corpses to the center of the ship (i dont know if it still works before the fight begains, there were multiple magister bodies on the deck if i remember it right. Just be prepared before the fight starts) Then you need to teleport Dallis to the corpses during thr fight and use Corpse Explosion to nuke her down.
I was aware that you could kill Alexander with Deathfog, thus ending the fight, but you can't get Deathfog unless you start as an undead character, which I did not. So I experimented with other ways to kill him. It isn't easy as I was level 5 and he, Dallis and the two Pets are all level 8. But I found a way that would work.

1) get the teleportation gauntlets
2) collect a number of chests, pots and other objects, preferably indestructable.
3) get an ooze barrel

4) build a small enclosure on the top wall, near the tower, out of pots and chests. Place ooze barrel inside. Shatter barrel with arrow creating a poison surface inside the enclosure.
5) move character with gloves on wall overlooking Alexander. Teleport him into the enclosure.
6) run character to tower to hide out of sight

Eventually, the poison will destroy Alexanders magic armor, then start eating at his health. At some point, Dallis will turn into a dragon and fly away, taking Alexander with her. You then need to kill the rest of the guards, including the 2 Gheist pets.

Aside from building the small enclosure, I also blocked the ladders and bridge to the wall, thus keeping the Magisters away from the area. Aside from the single character with the teleport gloves, the rest of the party was up on the tower with the dwarven priest and remained out of the fight. Once I had my teleporter character up on the tower as well, I could come out, take a shot at Alexander in his enclosure, then step back out of sight. It's important to be out of sight because Alexander has the skill Nether Swap and can escape his enclosure that way. But if you are out of sight on his turn, he is stuck.

The Gheists are also dangerous because they have the Backstab skill. Thus they can get past the blocked ladders if they get close enough to you and can see you. I was able to kill them with archery fire from the tower but it was tricky to find the right angles. In one case, the Gheist was out of view of arrows, but I could use the teleport gloves so I teleported him to a location where I could hit him.

Once the Gheists are dead, the magisters are easy since they are only level 4.

Well here is a tip if you want to get deathfo barrel without undead
Very simple actually
Choose any character with pyro and pick haste. Get the deathfog room key and cast haste before you interact with the door. As soon as the door open run to deathfog barrel. Ezpz
You can get all 3 intact deathfog barrel by the drop-something-and-walk-through-wall glitch (tested 1 month ago on Steam version)