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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

We managed to glitched the game where one character could roam freely even when the rest of us was in combat, we started attacking dallis without her doing a thing to the rest of the team, she wont die when she reaches 0 hp, instead she usually uses healing potion but after her turn she turns into a Dragon, and flies away saying she will meet you next time. she also dropped her hammer ''the reckoning'' pretty good stats.
You have always been able to get into combat with only a portion of your party and roam with the rest of them. You can even do that, sneak with your extra members and have them come attack while sneaking (they will get 1 spell/attack off before being pulled into the combat)
Where is she when you have to fight her for the second to last battle at Fort Joy? You and the Seekers split up and you're told to go to a tower and fight her, but I do not see her.
You don't fight her at all at Fort Joy....you literally walk straight forward to trigger the act-ending battle.
Wow, another brilliant article from the Fextralife team.
You DO realize that Fextralife is almost completely ran and edited by players such as yourself, right? There's an 'Edit' option at the top right of each page that allows you to input information in regards to the page's contents.
UPDATE: Dallis now drops 2 more uniques after defeating her at Fort Joy and on the Lady Vengeance. These are the most powerful uniques of Act 1, along with Fang of the Winter Dragon Unique 1: Blazing Justice. 1 handed mace. Better than Fang of the Winter Dragon. Also has +2 Str +2 intel +2 memory +2 single handed +1 rime slot Unique 2: Radiant Aegis. Shield. Best you can get. 10% block chance +2 +3 constitution +1 wit +1 rune slot
Do you eventually kill her at some point?